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Indestructible Dog Bed

Welcome to Indestructible Dog Bed. Your number 1 resource for finding Indestructible Dog Beds for your dog. On our website you can find the best indestructible dog beds and chew proof dog beds that are available on the market today. We are dog owners and understand just how difficult it is to find a bed that your dog can’t destroy within minutes of you buying it! Our website will help you when buying a high quality, extra tough and durable bed for your dog.

Finding chew resistant dog beds is not an easy task. 20 dog beds later, we decided to build this website. We have collated and reviewed some of the best indestructible dog beds which will ensure your dogs bedding lasts longer whilst keeping your pooch cosy at night. You can also find lots of helpful articles here which explain why your dog chews, what you can do about it and how you can train your dog to not destroy everything in its path!!  

Best Indestructible Dog Beds – 2019

Blueberry Heavy Duty Microsuede Dog Bed

Blueberry Heavy Duty Dog Bed

This indestructible dog bed is made of thick, scratch resistant microsuede fabric and comes in champagne beige and tango red and champagne beige and brilliant blue. It comes with a supportive sleeping surface and bolstered sides making it highly chew-proof and chew resistant for sharp doggy teeth!! It comes with a double thick fitted mattress that is not only tough, but comfy for your furry friend. The microsuede can be removed using the durable YKK zip and washed in the washing machine for an easy deep clean. Highly recommended!

Lifemax RSPCA Extra Tough Dog Bed

Lifemax Extra Tough Dog Bed

The extra tough Lifemax RSPCA dog bed is made from chew-resistant woven polyester with a water resistant, non slip base and is officially endorsed by the RSPCA. The closely woven texture prevents your dog from chewing and tearing the fabric whilst providing a waterproof bedding, that also resists any matting of dog hair and other difficult to clean doggy dander. This chew-resistant dog bed is very good for an entry level chew-proof dog bed and comes at an affordable cost unlike many other indestructible dog beds.

Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Dog Bed

Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Dog Bed

This chew-proof, high strength dog bed can support dogs of up to 125 lbs and features an elevated platform for your dog to sleep. The raised design has orthopaedic properties and will keep your dog cool, dry and comfortable. Because of the nature of the design it makes the bed very difficult to destroy. The bedding platform is made from abrasion resistant and durable ballistic nylon and features a smooth finish that doesn’t catch any hair making for easy cleaning.

P & L Superior Heavy Duty Oval Dog Bed

P & L Superior Heavy Duty Oval Dog Bed

Covered in a heavy duty chew-proof polyester waterproof material, this high sided drop fronted oval bed for dogs is perfect for even the most chewiest of chewers!! Designed to be long lasting and to keep your dog warm and comfortable, this indestructible dog bed not only focuses on durability but is also very easy to clean. The high outside walls of the bed are filled with bonded Thermal Polyester Fibre which helps insulate your dog from the cold floor. Comes in various sizes and has thick base cushion to make sure doogie sleeps well at night.

PetFusion Indestructible Dog Bed

PetFusion Indestructible Dog Bed

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is a chew-resistant and durable mattress style bed that is designed to outlast other beds whilst keeping your furry friend cozy throughout the night. A very modern looking bed that will suit any home with a chew-proof cover that can be easily removed for deep cleaning. Featuring a memory foam mattress with a tear-proof outer layer, durable YKK zips, breathable cotton blend and waterproof lining makes this dog bed a long lasting option for dogs who like to chew!

K & H Original Elevated Bed for Dogs

K & H Original Elevated Bed for Dogs

The K&H elevated dog bed is the perfect dog bed for destructive dogs! This chew-proof, raised platform bed is easy to assemble and can be packed away for easy transport and reassembly. The raised platform design elevates your dog from the ground, keeps them cool and most importantly makes this model extremely difficult to chew. The outer portion of the bed is covered with a tough, waterproof 600 denier nylon. Featuring double stitching and a double backing for added strength makes this bed a strong contender for the best indestructible dog bed.

KONG Chew Resistant Heavy Duty Pillow Bed

KONG Chew Resistant Heavy Duty Pillow Bed

From the makers of your favourite extra tough dog toys, KONG has created a long lasting dog bed for large breed dogs. This tough chew-resistant dog bed features plush cushioning and durable fabrics that are perfect for dogs who like to destroy! The KONG dog bed features a non-slip, no-skid bottom which ensures the dog bed stays in place. Made from 100% polyester, with strong YKK zippers, the bed is easy to clean and perfectly suitable for bigger dogs who have a tendency to chew! However, just like the toys, the KONG heavy duty pillow bed comes with a hefty price tag. BIG SPENDERS ONLY.

Are These Dog Beds Indestructible?

To claim a dog bed to be completely indestructible would be a bare face lie. A dog bed that maybe indestructible to a Jack Russel, maybe completely destructible to Bullmastiff. The word indestructible describes something that is completely unbreakable and can’t be destroyed. Obviously, no dog bed manufacturer can guarantee this. However, when we refer to indestructible dog beds or chew resistant dog beds we are referring to beds that are extremely tough, chew proof and should last much longer than your average dog bed that is available in your local pet shop today.

Why Do Dogs Chew Their Beds?

Well, we can’t speak for all dogs… obviously. But we can certainly make a guess as to why many dogs enjoy chewing their bed. First things first, as you probably know by now, dogs don’t just chew their beds… They chew furniture, toys, sticks, our pet beagle even enjoys chewing stones!!! Which we don’t allow of course, but catching the little blighter mid-chew with a stone in his mouth is easier said than done… anyway, I digress…

Dogs chew from the day they are born. Remember when your dog was a puppy? Those needle-like sharp teeth which can pierce skin quite easily? Well, even from the early days of mouthing, dogs are simply chewing on objects to explore the world. Dogs chew for a number of reasons. For puppies and younger dogs they may be chewing to ease pain from teething, for older dogs, it can be a way to keep their teeth clean. Some dogs also just chew simply because they are bored, or even to combat anxiety.

Like many of our other visitors, you most likely landed at our website because you’re concerned about your dogs chewing and you’re fed op of your dog ruining every dog bed you buy!!! Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal behaviour and you share a common problem with millions of dog owners all over the world!! Our useful list of chew-proof dog beds should help you solve the problem, or at least delay the time before you need to buy your lovable pooch some new bedding! Browse the indestructible dog beds at the top of our page to find a good quality, chew resistant dog bed for lovable little friend.

Chew Proof Dog Beds

Hopefully our details list and reviews of the latest indestructible dog beds will help you with all your dog chewing woes. Replacing dog beds on a regular basis can become very expensive for a dog owner, not to mention the mess and anxiety it causes for you when you have to clean it up!! When considering buying any of the indestructible dog beds/chew resistant dog beds above, please ensure to read the important points below.

Chew proof dog beds are designed to be indestructible and durable, this means that they are built to last and comfort and price come later. That’s not to say these dog beds aren’t comfortable, just that that the designer has durability in mind, so features on a number of the beds are not the same as you would expect with a regular dog bed. If you are looking for an indestructible dog bed that your dog can’t chew to bits, these dog beds are for you…

Indestructible dog bedding is usually made in a number of ways. Most commonly a chew resistant material is used, which your dog can chew, but not tear easily. Other chew proof dog bed manufacturers will use a metal frame and suspended bedding area which makes it tough for your dog to get their teeth around! These designs are the most popular when it comes to chew resistant dog beds and have been tried and tested by dog owners all over the world who are also in search of the indestructible dog bed! We hope you find our website useful and improve your dogs bedding situation like we did for our own!! Don’t forget to share and/or comment and let us know how you got on with our recommendations!!