How do I get my dog to stop chewing his bed?

What is the best approach to change dog behavior? Many experts will point to behavior modification. Behavior modification has been proven to work on humans. Several species, including chimpanzees, have been trained to act a certain way. YouTube videos are proof that animals of all varieties can be trained. Behavior modification methods are highly successful because it changes habits permanently. Using psychology, your dog can be trained as well. There are several training techniques to stop your dog from chewing their bed.

First, identify the annoying habit. In this case, chewing is identified. Next, try to find what conditions are in place when the habit occurs. Does it occur in the morning? What about in the evening? Do your kids yelling and running around cause your dog to chew more? Do you find shreds of fabric after leaving for a while? Does feeding impact chewing activity? Does your dig his bed? After evaluating the habit, you can attack what is really bothering your pet. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget that anything can impact our pets. If you need help, a veterinarian, dog trainer, or animal expert are great resources. Remember, chewing is a self-soothing activity. It helps regulate emotion in your pet. As long as the chewing is on a rawhide treat or a toy, the activity itself is not destructive.

Good sleep and separation anxiety are the two main causes of bed chewing. Ensure that your pet is not hyper, uncomfortable, or anxious. There are many types of beds. Trial and error may be necessary to find the best fit. Exercise does wonders for humans, but it is also crucial for pets. Running, jumping, swimming, hiking, and other activities have a calming effect on dogs. Separation anxiety can be handled through medication, training, and routines. Medication can calm the nerves. Some owners see a significant difference in just a few weeks due to anxiety medications. Training can eliminate bad behavior if you are consistent. Provide rewards for behaving, like a treat, visit the park, or a new toy. Routines can eliminate the uncertainty that causes a dog to chew a bed. The main idea that you must reinforce is that the dog bed is for sleeping only.

Once you have eliminated other factors, training is going to help you stop the behavior. You will have to repeatedly explain to your pet that chewing is not tolerated. If there are visible pieces that are torn, rub the dog’s nose in it. Repeat no in a strong voice. You may also use taste and odor spray to make chewing the bed less appealing to your pet. Many solutions exist out there, but make sure the substance is not toxic to your pet. Therefore, household cleaning supplies, such as bleach, are not recommended.

Your pet is your best friend. Even with humans, it can be difficult to understand others. Since we cannot communicate through language with our pets, we must put in extra work to understand them. Hopefully, by taking several actions, your dog will stop chewing the bed.

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