How to stop my dog from tearing up his bed when left alone?

You have the perfect pet. Your dog is sweet, attentive, and playful. That is unless you leave them alone! Suddenly, you come back to a room with torn up items. Since a dog has lots of access to a dog bed, this product is a commonly chewed item. You bought your dog bed with the hope that your dog would be comfortable and sleep well. Now, they have destroyed the product.

What causes tearing activity? Similar to chewing or digging, dogs tear items to soothe themselves. It also can be a way of marking their territory within the house. These actions go back to when dogs were wild pack animals that created a nest. One solution is to allow your pet to vent that energy outside before bed. Give them a space where they can dig, burrow, and scratch. Tearing or scratching might be a sign that your dog is cold. Provide blankets that the dog can rearrange for their comfort. If the bed is new or newly washed, a dog might act out. They might not be used to the fabric, scent, or other factors. Tearing activity is a way for a dog to embed its scent. If you wash the bed, they may be trying to mark their scent again. Moving can have a similar effect because your pet is not used to the new environment. Although cats are known for adjustment issues, dogs may have them as well.

One of the main issue’s owners can face is leaving their pets alone. We cannot always stay in the same room as our pets. Separation anxiety affects many pets. Feeling alone and provoked causes your dog to act out. Remember, your pet doesn’t have a calendar or speak English. They are often not sure how to communicate their discomfort or anxiety. You can start to work with them on accepting that you will be gone for short periods. Over time, you can get your pet acclimated to your schedule. This will decrease the stress of your pet, which will decrease any tearing activity. Also, rule out any medical problems that may force them to act out. A veterinarian can take a complete blood count, biochemical profile, and urinalysis to determine any diseases and conditions. A physical exam might pinpoint problems that you overlooked. They may also have suggestions on curbing this behavior.

Eliminating risk is another way to keep your dog bed intact. What does this mean? Buy a more resistant material or bed. These chew-resistant dog beds are less likely to tear or create a mess. Give your dog no option of tearing the bed. Some good materials are nylon and vinyl. Find toys and other entertainment for your dog to stay occupied instead. A tennis play will do wonders. Puzzle toys are other solutions. Recently, pet stores have come up with many new toys. These toys can provide your pet with the same type of self-soothing as tearing. Look for toys that are soft, squishy, and can be used in a repetitive motion. These are the toys that will help the most.

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