Why does my dog keep ripping his bed?

Having the belongings you bought destroyed is never fun. It is irritating that your dog could destroy a bed meant to be comfortable for them. So, what motivates them to rip their bed? Dogs act on their emotions. They could be bored, anxious, tired, stressed, or otherwise agitated. We may not be able to have conversations with our dogs, but there are several ways to identify what is causing this behavior.

Puppies might engage in this behavior because teething is happening. Pet owners are already expecting them to chew on items. A dog bed is no different. In fact, this is a common choice because it is an item they have access to. Keep their teeth healthy and encourage them to use cold objects or toys. Other solutions include taking the bed away during the day or buying a rip-resistant bed. Still, this chewing and ripping activity often continues into adulthood for canines.

Boredom is one of the main emotions that will make your dog continue to rip the dog bed. When a dog doesn’t have much to do, it looks for ways to entertain itself. If you are gone for long hours or your dog doesn’t have a playmate at home, this outcome is even more likely. The solution to this problem is having an active and engaged dog. Take your dog to the park and on walks. They will love it! If you can, find your dog a companion or check in on your dog throughout the day.

Anxious is an emotion that is a little harder to predict. Unfortunately, our dogs cannot tell us in words why they are anxious. In fact, this is a sign that your dog might be communicating that they are not well. You must try to stay untuned to when they become anxious to figure out why. A bed is a natural choice for stress relief because of the material. It’s easy to rip and a dog can hold part of it with its front paws. So, what can a good owner do? You can find treats or toys that allow them to relieve stress. A toy that your dog can hold in its front paws allows them to simulate holding an item of prey.

Upset is another emotion that may cause your dog to rip their bed. When a storm or loud noises may your dog upset, they will act out. Separation anxiety may also make your dog rip the bed repeatedly. Remember, the dog is not always sure when you will return. If you put your dog in a certain room or crate that it doesn’t appreciate, your dog may respond by leaving you a shredded present.

What will fix this type of behavior? Reinforcing that behavior is negative will get your dog to stop. Actions, such as yelling or chasing your dog will actually encourage the behavior. The dog might think you are playing with them. Most importantly, understanding your dog and its needs will likely curb the behavior. With a little bit of troubleshooting, you might be able to learn what your dog is trying to tell you.

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